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Organic arable farm Kasteelhoeve Puth is situated in Voerendaal in the south of the Netherlands. It is the farm of Norbert Huijts, who received the RIWA-Meuse prize in 2002 for his efforts to reduce pollution of the water of the river Meuse.

On his castle farm, Norbert Huijts grows cereal crops and vegetables in an organic way. He is proud of the beer that is brewed from his barley, Gulpener Ur-Pilsner, Ur-Weizen and Ur-Hop.

You are welcome to visit our farm shop any day of the week. Our Assortiment page (in Dutch) shows an overview of the tasty and healthy organic products that are currently available in our farm shop.

Our address:
Kasteelhoeve Puth
Norbert Huijts
Steinweg 2
6367 GM Voerendaal
The Netherlands
Tel.: 0031-45 575 19 31
E-mail: info@kasteelhoeveputh.nl
Directions and maps

The castle and castle farm
Voerendaal and our region
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Kasteelhoeve Puth in Voerendaal

Norbert Huijts
Foto: Twan Wiermans



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